Rampa Head CD

$ 12.00
Rampa Head CD

Rampa Head - Whiskey Shivers

Format - CD
Packaging - Single Pocket Digipack

Released - July 2012

Track Listing:
1. Way Downtown (D. Watson)
2. Burden
3. D-tune
4. WTD
5. Darlin'
6. Jealous Heart
7. Middlesboro
8. Head Up High
9. Swarm
10. Long Way Home (K. Brennan / T. Waits)
11. Medley (All I Want Is You, B. Polisar, and Holy Roller Novocain, C. Followill, N. Followill, A. Petraglia)
12. Wapita Wapita

Engineered and mixed by Matt Simon at Big Salmon in Austin, TX.
Mastered by Barry Simon at Flambay Studios.
Artwork by Hannah Zurko

Featuring James Bookert pickin' banjo and croonin' on tracks 6, 8, and 9, and Matt Bradshaw on trumpet on track 12.

Tracks 1, 10, and 11 feature our own versions of some excellent tunes. Our sincere thanks to the following for bringing these songs into the world:

Way Downtown
Doc Watson
Hillgreen Music (BMI)

Long Way Home
Tom Waits / Kathleen Brennan
Jalma Music (ASCAP)

All I Want is You
Barry Louis Polisar
Rainbow Morning Music (BMI) / Sony/ATV Songs LLC

Holy Roller Novocain
Caleb Followill / Nathan Followill / Angelo
Music Of Windswept (ASCAP) / Martha Street Music (ASCAP) / Followill Music (ASCAP)
All Rights Administered by BUG Music, Inc., a BMG Chrysalis company.
Used By Permission. All Rights Reserved.

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